The Avitar Service Guarantee

There's nothing more frustrating than paying for products or services that fail soon after buying them. We understand that pain and that's why we offer our 1 year service guarantee. Avitar Painting stands by our work, which gives you peace of mind after your project is completed. Not only are you getting quality workmanship, using quality products, you're also able to relax and enjoy the results after we leave.

Avitar Painting LLC warrants to the property owner that any painting procedures performed will be free from workmanship defects for a period of 1 year from the date of completion. 

This warranty is limited to workmanship.  The paint itself is guaranteed by its manufacturer and not by Avitar Painting LLC.  Some peeling may be due to influences other than workmanship and are not covered by this warranty.  Avitar Painting LLC is not responsible for damage to paint or any substrate due to regular aging and wear; unforeseen problems with the home’s foundation; wood rot; or weather. 


NOTE: Severe paint blistering and the separation of caulk from the wood cupping, due to intense and/or direct heat, are not issues of workmanship and are not covered under this warranty.

If a defect in workmanship appears within 1 year and is reported to Avitar Painting LLC, in writing, Avitar Painting LLC will inspect the affected area(s) and make any necessary repairs to the paint only.  Wood, Masonite, brick, metal, and other substrates are not covered by this warranty.  The sole remedy against Avitar Painting LLC shall be for repairing the defective area and not any consequential damages to substrates or items not warrantied.