Homes are oftentimes our biggest investments. Here are a few reasons why Exterior Painting, using Avitar Painting, should be a priority for any homeowner:

Protect and Increase Value

The best way to protect and increase the value of your property is by painting the exterior of your property. Paint protects the structure from moisture and other weather, preventing it from requiring additional costly repairs. 

Increase Curb Appeal

A high quality paint job performed by competent professionals can immediately transform the look of your home. An attractive home will give owners a new sense of pride.

Protect Your Home

Homes in Florida are constantly assaulted by the elements. This can lead to stucco cracks, chalking paint, leaks and worse. Well maintained exterior paint ensures your home is protected for years to come, giving you piece of mind.

The Avitar Exterior Painting Process:



We will offer advice and guidance, including paint samples, about the finish and type of paint that can be used. We're masters of our trade, working with leading brands such as Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.  This distinguishes us from the rest, because we can find the perfect paint for your home leaving it with a beautiful finish.

Home Preparation

We take every precaution to protect your landscaping and decorations. Landscaping will be covered using methods that will ensure they aren't damaged. Decorations will be moved and covered to protect them from paint and other elements.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces that paint are being applied to must be adequately cleaned to ensure it adheres properly and also ensures the longest lasting life. Our surface preparation process involves cleaning, scraping, sanding, filling holes, and removing electrical faceplates. In the hot Florida sun, stucco typically cracks. Our team will fill the cracks and apply a sealer to make sure moisture doesn't penetrate the walls. This is a substantial investment, we want to make sure it lasts.


As masters of our trade, rest assured, we know which techniques and strategies to use in the various painting environments we encounter. Our team will leverage spray systems to apply adequate, even coverage to your stucco exterior walls. Brushes will be used to cover trim with paint. No matter the situation our team will use the techniques that ensures you will be satisfied for years to come. 

Final walk-through

We perform our own final inspection and welcome you to inspect the serviced areas. Issues or questions will be addressed immediately to make sure that you are satisfied with your project.